Culinary Craft By Villa Raha

We’ve all been to Villa Raha and fallen in love with the aesthetics and how it’s just the ideal spot to either have a fun date, meet with your friends or just have a blast alone. They’ve got a menu so detailed and precise that it doesn’t just fill your stomach but also your soul! […]

The Cake Factory

As humans we seek comfort in the best things life has to offer and life is too short to spend your money and calories on cake that tastes bad. Fortunately, The Cake Factory is existing proof that there’s hope. Soft. Moist. Delicious. Cake. The kind of cake that reminds you of your beautiful childhood, happy […]

Diego’s Peri Peri

I’m not going to lie, but Nando’s got nothing on Diego’s! I am and still will always adore Nando’s, but since it can never be Peri Peri enough for our local taste buds and also because it’s not here in Sri Lanka – Diego’s bring in the fiery fire and deliciousness. The best part about […]