10 annoying things about braces 

Late night shenanigans

Braces look cute and stuff, but don’t you dare be deceived by it. You’re practically doomed from the moment you keep getting insecure of your smile and checking yourself out in the mirror constantly, almost as if staring hard enough would automatically push them pearl whites back. HAHA, nope. Didn’t work for me, I eventually had to stand my ground and make that dentist appointment. Now I’ve been wearing these for at least two and a half years when he said it’ll take less than 365 days.

Another 365 days later…

  1. The first appointment, you walk in dressed in your best looking forward to fixing your teeth situation and then comes the dentist cramming his hands inside your mouth and then beamingly announcing, two things. 1. That you need braces, which is pretty obvious and 2. That he needs to remove of 4 of your teeth from the back. Now here’s something you didn’t expect. The worst-case scenario being you will actually have to take off 2/4 teeth he mentions immediately, and if you have a bad history with needles then its time to realize that you are in fact going to have couple injected to your gums. WHY? Only to ensure, you will feel no pain when the doctor pulls out your perfectly fine tooth. Fight fire with fire, and pain with MORE pain? (kill me now)

  1. For two weeks, your gums heal, and you can’t eat anything for two whole weeks – juuuust in time for the dentist to pull out the other two! Woohoo! People spends thousands of rupees to implant new teeth, and here you are pulling out perfectly fine whites just because.
  1. Getting the braces in, and the comforting voice of the doctor telling you that it’s only going to be a year and you’re going to take it off before you know it is similar to how your mum says, “let me think about it” when you wanna head out.

  1. Going back every month to tighten the braces is scary AF, because you see all the sharp tool and you do your best to open your mouth wide open because the last thing you want is it cutting your lips or gums or anything for that matter. And of course, the suction tube which sucks the excess saliva is just gross AF.
  1. You think the coloured braces are cute and shit and that you get to like sit for a coffee with the dentist and run through your colour options like the nice ladies at the Sephora counter. NO. You ARE WRONG. He would be fixing you and BAM, while you’re low key drooling and mouth wide open – the nurse shoves a box full of colourful runners and you’re expected to make a decision in less than 5 whole seconds. Nerve wrecking. Choose the wrong colour and suffer for an entire month 🙂

  1. If your dentist is Muslim like mine, you’re gonna end up hearing a lot of “when are you getting married?” “Will take out these braces off when you’re gonna get married” BRUH, does that mean never?!?!
  1. Applying a lovely colour of red and going to the dentist is the biggest mistake. Like each time his latex gloves hit your lips, it looks like blood and you panic like a little bitch but then you realize it’s just lipstick.

  1. Mastering a lovely resting bitch face is ideal when you got a mouth full of metal! You avoid smiling in pictures, cuz ain’t nobody wanna see your ugly Betty smile. I mean imagine me, glasses and braces. I’m the total package and not the package you want. Ugly Betty starter pack!
  1. Going to your favourite restaurants and having to use a knife and fork to cut into your burgers and pizza – coming off as some posh AF snob. When it reality you can’t bite cuz you’re gonna get food stuck in all your braces and that’s embarrassing if some cutie walks by.

  1. Messing with your braces with your tongue or fingers and resulting in a massive cut which results in unnecessary bleeding all cuz you got four pointy parts inside your mouth. It’s like Saw III in there!

But hey! I survived almost an year and a half and so do so many. It’s tough but you get used to it, and you can get away with a lot of  things by blaming braces. For instances eating a crappy burger or not wanting to smile at a stupid picture. Plus, you get to eat a lot of ice cream and ice cold drinks each time you change your braces cuz it hurt. Don’t worry, you’re gonna looks SLAY ALL DAY EVERYDAY with perfect teeth once you’re done!


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