8 shoes you SHOULD invest on


It honestly baffles me how many of us give so much attention and detail to the outfits and just slap on some ugly pair of shoes and not even realize how this would actually affect the complete look. A shoe completes you, and also speaks volume of your personality and, it is literally the best man-made wonder we’ve been blessed with AND WE TAKE IT FOR GRANTED?! I know shoes can constantly shoot holes through your wallet, but if you make the right investment you’re going to have some timeless classic pieces that will compliment almost anything that will land on your wardrobe.

Always remember that investing in quality shoes is an absolute must, especially since wearing cheap and knock off versions of shoes won’t show the consequences immediately but only in the long run which will be too late. However, different price points should not be the determining factor, make sure you research the right brand, read across reviews and them contrast and compare before making the final purchase. Finding the right shoe is just like falling in love, do it with the wrong person and here is a one-way ticket to Toxic city.

Remember, the Prince had to go through an entire kingdom to find Cinderella for the shoe to fit, make sure you give that love and attention to yourself too.


The Boot

No, I’m not talking about the local slang of getting dumped but the classic boot that’ll make you feel like a real bad ass rebel and OG in your game. Ankle boots, be it heels or just flats are just perfect to add the extra flair and give your basic outfit that extra grunge look. Boots aren’t just for winter and I am not asking you to get all extra with the faux fur or leather… but imagine putting on a pair of these boots to your everyday blue jeans and flannel shirt or LBD. Trust me it will go with almost anything!


Platform shoe

I had a phase when I got my first platform shoes, they were absolutely perfect if you’re clumsy like me! I would literally wear it to almost anywhere and it became my signature shoe in a few weeks amongst my friends. I mean, it makes you feel taller, your feet don’t hurt and yet you feel like a total baller. It really is up to you to if you wanna wear it for a summer dress or just for any palazzo pants to skinny jeans, or even a sarong! My personal favourite is a shiny black, but you can also opt for a silver option which will just sparkle up the look if you are too lazy to apply silver eyeshadow instead.


Flirty sandal

Got a fresh pedicure and want tot show of them? Put on your sandals, which are easier to walk around and if you’re having a long day which requires you to walk a lot, then flirty all the way! Summer dresses, your casual everyday outfits – sandals go with basically anything.  



Slip on

My latest obsession! Do you know how easy it is to slip on one of these and just get on with your day and just kick them off as soon as you get home instead of unbuckling shit and getting into a heaty argument with your shoe for being a little stubborn shit. It’s comfortable, fun and has a very edgy vibe to it that’ll work for your everyday work outfits or when you’re too lazy.


Nude point heel

If you don’t have an iconic blush nude heel, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? Do you have any idea what you’re missing on? Sure, it does not have a colour or whatever, but you will be surprised about how it can elevate your look!


Black box heel

A velvet black boxed heel is easier to walk in, and do I need say more? The strapped versions of the heels will always keep you on check and hold your feet in and you won’t it uncomfortable like most heels. ALSO, it is hella important that you make sure that you invest in a quality brand because you don’t want your heels to give you consequences later in life with back pains that will affect your spine.


Yes, you all know how I have a soft spot for a pair of Vans, which I usually wear till it is completely worn out and rush back to the latest pair! You can order these from the website and they deliver to Sri Lanka, or if you happen to go abroad do not forget to grab on a pair. The classic old skool vans in black is the iconic look that makes you feel all sorts of comfort and a style essential to almost anything even if it means wearing it for an interview and acing it. It is for the free spirited and you are going to absolutely love your pair!


Yet again, another original piece that goes hand in hand with the Vans. I was known as the girl in the white converse for the longest time and it really is a timeless classic probably dating back from a long time ago. Having a spanking new pair or a dirty pair of white Converse be it a high or low top is another pair that will go almost anything.



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