About Me

In General

There’s nothing Zainab isn’t doing. Whilst majoring in psychology she’s also venturing around Colombo, showing us the trendiest places to eat out. She started out by writing articles for Daily Mirror, then moved on to making food vlogs. Within a short period of time she’s amassed quite a following on her social media platform which served as a gateway to a myriad of opportunities.

Currently Zainab juggles her education, works at a reputed media company, is a well known face in the MUN activities, a freelance newspaper journalist and owns the social media scene in lifestyle, fashion, whilst also keeping her audience entertained through her Instagram food blog. All whilst looking effortlessly stylish and sporting her signature dark lipstick and winged eyeliner.

Zainab’s love for culinary and glam started at a young age. She spent her youth all over the Middle East and frequented the Ritz Carlton from time to time. Her love for makeup evolved from chapsticks to MAC and her love for reading spurred her to start writing short stories and eventually took her to where she is now.

She graduated from Royal Institute in 2015. Given that she got an A in her favourite subject, it was a no-brainer when she enrolled at Coventry UK and is currently kicking ass on her final year. She however, hopes to pursue a post graduate degree in journalism in the UK.

Off camera, Zainab is just another ordinary girl who binge watches her favourite TV shows, gossips incessantly with her Mom about her day and just likes to chill in her PJ’s on a day off. She is also a massive fan of all things Taylor Swift and loses herself into Pinterest inspirational quotes and M&Ms.

If there’s anything you need to know about her, it’s that she talks the talk and walks the walk. She does what she sets her mind to regardless of what the whirlwind called ‘life’ throws her way. She is not a dreamer, she is a doer and an achiever.

From Me

As a child I’ve always craved attention. I could easily admit I’m a megalomaniac, but I didn’t want to be famous for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately this wasn’t always the case! As a kid I got into trouble, for various reasons and I could go on listing them, but one way or the other I caught the attention of people and Zainab Faizal was known as the mischievous girl who’s a magnet for trouble!

Things changed when I grew older ( mature? ) and with different schools I wanted to be known for things that were important and I worked hard to prove that I can be an ideal student. As time went on and I got selected to university to follow my bachelors in psychology, everything changed.

You see I was brought up in a world where men are superior to women and it seemed wrong if the woman is far more successful to the man. My parents taught me otherwise, they never competed and they managed to support to each other no matter what they wanted to do and I was inspired. Being Muslim didn’t stop me from continuing with my education, it didn’t hinder me from getting a job or working my way up on the social ladder.

Despite the out lash from the not so happy members of the family, my parents stood by me and supported in all my endeavours. It is important to note that despite me heading to so many social events, having an active social media profile to a large network of friends I’ve never once pretended to be someone I wasn’t, in order to fit in.

Luckily for me, since I’ve attended over 9 different schools fitting in came quite easily!

I wanted to prove the world wrong, I want to show each and everyone one that wearing a beautiful hijab and covering up your modesty wouldn’t stop you from walking the runway or posting nice Instagram selfies to basically everything an average woman can do! That we can still cover ourselves up and be as powerful and have a strong influence like most women out there, where being successful means being loyal to God and not being a hypocrite to religion.

I know I have a long to go, as much as the long way I’ve come! From a newspaper freelancer to a food vlogger and the girl who manages to have time for international affairs via MUN to being the young hijabi kicking stereotypes and rebelling her way into success and standing out.

I want to inspire, create and live.

I am Zainab Faizal and this is just the start.