Blackout Cafe


There’s a brand new cafe that’s hit Ward Place and it’s currently trending! We’re certain it’s going to be THE place to be when it’s rugby season of course! Blackout Cafe is every Rugby fans haven! There are multiple spots within the massive location to enjoy the matches and indulge in some lip smacking dishes. The best part about the cafe is that you get to book private rooms too if you’re looking forward to only having your crew along with an “outside” seating area which technically is air conditioned so you won’t melt in this heat but also enjoy the greens around you! The staff and the owners are super friendly and they are well versed with the menu which is quite interesting!

The menu might SEEM like your average menu filled with Sri Lanka’s popular spicy chicken kottu, pastas and lamb chops but if you paid close attention you’d realize that most of the menu is made up of dishes inspired from cuisines and cultures from around the world – especially the countries that are known for playing rugby! So if you’re looking for some good Bunny Chow, here’s where you should be heading! 

Here’s what we tried;

Home made chips










  •  You’d think potato is the only chips in town but once you tried the Blackout version of it, you’d prolly have second thoughts. Thinly sliced potatoes, sweet potatoes AND BEETROOTS bring together a bowl of this gorgeous crispy little treats that are also super healthy. We loved this along with the three iconic dipping sauces from nai miris, green chili and a beetroot reduction.

Kithul Chicken

  • Initially I was like “uhm kithul chicken” but then I was like KITHUL CHICKEN!!! – don’t be skeptical to try out this dish – it’s massive pieces of wings fried and coated in this rich sticky sauce that’s mildly sweet yet spicy that gives you all the feels! Zero regrets when you’re hands get messy because you’re on a race against time to eat as many as you can. Plus their portion size was pretty decent too, so you can easily share it amongst four people. That is, if you really want to share.

Salted caramel cooler

  • The salted caramel cooler obviously tasted really Sri Lankan without a doubt with crushed peanuts and everything – I personally enjoyed it and it lasted throughout the whole meal.

Blackout Shake

  • This OG at blackout is made with a blend of whipped cream and crushed Oreos – although we were slightly disappointed that it was the local rendition of an Oreo and not the original but nevertheless it was still as delicious!

Lasagna Bolognese

  • DELICIOUS! A massive portion of lasagna with a mouthwatering minced beef sauce and the layers of cream and cheese. Not going to lie, you’d have to order this – avoid any communication with anyone else, and indulge in this ultimate comfort food with Netflix by your side.

Bunny Chow

  • This is such an iconic dish from South Africa and Blackout certainly does justice to it! They do a chicken version of it, and it’s once again comfort food 101. The thick buttery bread soaked in the creamy yet spicy chow – it’s a complete meal all in one.

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