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Who doesn’t love a good bubble tea? When things couldn’t get any better, we’ve got Bubblelement who’s got FIVE limited edition flavours which goes as the LIPTON Bubblelement range!

The five flavours you can choose from are;

– Caramel
– Hazelnut
– Vanilla
– Passion
– Grape

I checked out 3 out of the 5 flavours, and here’s what I thought about them!


Caramel | Rs. 420/-



Can I just say that being an ardent “I don’t drink milk based drinks” person, I fell in love with this beauty! It was silky smooth and sweet giving you a strong spiced flavour of the caramel infused with the tea. Topped with their infamous tapioca balls, these were amazing.

Passion | Rs. 390/-



The passion bubble tea stole the spotlight, that I had to low key sneak it away from my friend. It had the perfect amount of sweetness with a sudden burst of sourness endorsed into the tea flavour which compliments the drink massively. A swish of the drink to the pop of the passion bubble, this is the ultimate “bring back the summer” drink!

Grape | Rs. 390/-



An acquired flavour, but you’re definitely going to adore this if you enjoy your daily intake of all things grape. It’s slightly sweet, with a dark flavour along with the pop of strawberry from the bubbles. More or less fell in love with the ombré effect the drink had.

Will I come back?
Yes Yes Yes!


Before you Ask me;

– It’s Halal

– No pork

– No alcohol

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