Cake Talk by Reema Siraj


We’ve seen a HUGE trend the past year in Sri Lanka – Home Bakers. It’s growing, it’s spreading and nothing can stop them!


Turn on your Instagram or Facebook, you can literally see 100 home bakers offering you all sorts of unique creations, price ranges and what not. Aussie casino online here But being a home baker in this country can get a little tough, considering how you’re not going to constantly be on the go when it comes to all these new techniques or when you’re in desperate need of a certain baking tray or measuring cup for an order but it’s Poya and it’s all closed to all the possible crap that can hurl your way!



Taking all that into consideration, Dubai based Sri Lankan home baker/baking trainer decided it’s time Sri Lankan home bakers are introduced to a home bakers networking event.


The event was truly a success, with many home bakers who came down to share their ideas, inspiration and all things Cake relevant!


Here’s an exclusive interview with Reema herself!


Tell me a little about yourself?


My name is Reema Siraj, I’ve got three beautiful children and reside in Dubai! I started baking after my second son, solely because I can get really bored at home considering how there’s no family in the Middle East and my husband is at work during the day. I initially started to make mini cakes and then eventually went to a few workshops to learn certain techniques and decided to teach them to the Sri Lankan’s considering how these workshops focus on the latest techniques that’s usually not introduced to Sri Lanka till a very later date on.

To me my children mean the world, so they are somewhat my inspiration along with love forsewing which inspired my sewing cake and I enjoy trying all mediums through the art of baking.


What inspired indulge the cake boutique?


Initially my plan was to my very own boutique, I haven’t yet launched the new name “Reema Siraj Sugar Craft & Fine Arts Training Centre” (coming soon!).

I was expected to teach more than just do baking for a living, since I have better potential in teaching than selling my cake.

I can’t wish to launch my new brand and training school! Focused on both Dubai, Sri Lankan and Maldivian students.



When do you do classes?


When it comes to having classes in Sri Lanka, it’s usually during the summer when my kids got their summer holidays.

In Dubai, I tend to have classes whenever possible because I reside there therefore it’s easier.

I also do all kinds of classes, from sugar flowers to sugar lace especially since most Lankan’s aren’t aware of how cheaper and easier is it to make your own! The fastest selling classes are mostly the sugar lace, master classes and last time it was the sewing box cake!

This time considering how the demand for sugar roses are extremely high, I designed a couple of courses to start in Sri Lanka.





How do you price your classes?


I don’t price my classes on the number of days or hours. It’s all about what they can take home which is important. It can be a one day class that’s highly priced or a two day course that’s cheaper.



What inspires you?


I always tell my students, not to get inspiration from another cake. I replicate the actual thing or inspiration comes from an antique or vintage things. Don’t get inspiration from another persons cake this kills originality. Make things personal and incorporate things that matter the most to you!





What did you hope to achieve with Cake Talks?


Networking between bakers and suppliers, getting to know each other, sharing their thoughts etc.

I would love to do it again, because I didn’t expect a huge response! I had a waiting list of 50 bakers and with the limited time and capacity I went for 25! Thought I’d be the best person to start this since I’m not based here!





You can enroll into one of her classes which have limited capacity which means y’all got to hurry! A second class would take place depending on the high demand.

Furthermore you can check out more about her offerings and classes via her Instagram page + Facebook page.





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Go check her out! : @indulgethecakeboutique

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