Caramel Pumpkin


We all know how much we adore heading out to Caramel Pumpkin whether it’s with our mates, our significant other or on a solo date cuz nobody wants to share their better than Kayfcee goodness.

Caramel Pumpkin however introduced some brand new dishes into their everyday menu and it’s got everyone talking cuz not only were they frequently requested by return customers but also because they are pretty delicious!

Here’s what we tried out.

Souper Star | Rs. 400/-

Nothing screams soup like the old fashioned chicken and sweet corn served with toasted bread! It’s quite a large portion with two slices of toasted bread and had loads of cheeses chicken and corn and felt like the perfect rainy day treat or when you’re not feeling too well. Best part is that they are also available on Uber eats, which means this is just one app away from getting it delivered it to your place!

The Godfather | Rs. 1650/-

Probably called the God Father because that was the biggest slice of lasagna I’ve seen in Sri Lanka! You can easily share this amongst two people if you’re feeling generous or just down it by yourself! Super creamy, well spiced, tangy and cheesy. Best thing to have when you’re having the worst day cuz it’s literally a massive hug in the shape of ultimate comfort food.

A passionate affair | Rs 480/-










Ever had a passion fruit crush that’s actually not 90% ice and sour? Well Caramel Pumpkin is doing a stellar job because this was just absolute perfection! Sweet, tangy and super refreshing!

Eggers can’t be cheesers | Rs. 800/-

Trust Caramel Pumpkin to go crazy with the puns as usual and although these eggs can’t be cheesers – they were pretty darn good for freshly baked butter croissant layered with scrambled egg, mayo and some greens.

Strawberry Panna Cotta | Rs 550/-

Let me cut to the chase and say, it’s silky smooth, creamy and sweet with the thick layer of strawberries and pieces of strawberries too! The best way to end your meal!

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