I’m not the only friend you’ve lost lately.

I’m not the only friend you’ve lost lately… I’ve been contemplating massively on if I should spend time writing a blogpost, that could spark fury and possibly lead to a lot of controversy. But here I am, refusing to be the Good Girl, the perfect woman, that would never say or do anything that could […]

8 shoes you SHOULD invest on

It honestly baffles me how many of us give so much attention and detail to the outfits and just slap on some ugly pair of shoes and not even realize how this would actually affect the complete look. A shoe completes you, and also speaks volume of your personality and, it is literally the best […]

Reality Bytes | Fashion Market.lk

A few years ago, when I was a journalist, digital media was simply posting up the same old content online along with the addition of YouTube and Facebook videos. However, around this time there were a few bloggers trying to create the spark in the industry, yet people were still novel to the idea of […]

Crafting your Creative profile 

  Being a creative means breaking the rules. You cannot possibly win hearts and change the world or even conquer your canvas if you’re going to remain hostage into the four walls of someone else’s opinion. Yet, while breaking the rules there’s a fine line from being a professional to someone going absolutely bonkers ( […]

Fashionmarket.lk: Sri Lankan fashion reimagined

  Online shopping, specially in Sri Lanka, has always been a big fat MAYBE for me. And even if I do end up finding something that’s not simply fast fashion and add it to my cart, it’s usually something less than 50 dollars, mostly because of my undying trust issues considering how the internet tends […]