Caterina Pizzeria

If there’s one thing I don’t mind being stranded in an island is if there’s a decent Italian pizzeria that’ll be making me an unlimited options of pizza and I’ll be content. I don’t think I’ll even NEED Netflix or the internet, because one needs to truly appreciate good pizza. Caterina Pizzeria recently opened three […]

Thai Heritage Food Truck

Thai food is amazing. GOOD, AUTHENTIC Thai food is EVEN BETTER! Thai heritage Food Truck, has been blessing CMB with their range of absolute delicious Thai delicacies, that’s going to blow your mind and fill your tummies with all the goodness! The location is by the road, you can actually see the wok in action […]

Fatty Patty

Fatty Patty Gram There’s a brand new cafe that’s hit Colombo and at first glance of their Instagram page really makes you want to try them out! Why? Well with a Instagram bio that screams “we bring the fat juicy memes daily with extra sauce whilst being body positive” it’s what we need in this […]

Nom Nom Asia

Asian cuisine will forever make us weak in the knees and get our stomach do somersaults because we know how great of a variety they’ve got as well the amount of flavor packed into each dish! Nom Nom Asia caters to traditional and modern South East Asian food. You know it’s pretty legit when their […]

Blackout Cafe

There’s a brand new cafe that’s hit Ward Place and it’s currently trending! We’re certain it’s going to be THE place to be when it’s rugby season of course! Blackout Cafe is every Rugby fans haven! There are multiple spots within the massive location to enjoy the matches and indulge in some lip smacking dishes. […]