I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again – finding a decent kottu spot that won’t land you in the emergency room for a stomach pump eight hours later is tough. And it’s not like it’s even worth it, the kottu usually tastes pretty horrible and you’d only ever have one of the good […]

Superfood Cafe

Real healthy food where every calorie counts along with making sure it’s also hygienic and clean is hard to find. Everyone’s incorporating healthy and nutrition ingredients to everyday dishes but at Superfood its all you’re ever going to get! Superfood started out on a small scale, and clearly Colombo responded quite well and they’ve launched […]

Black Burger

Almost everyone pretty much knows about Black Cat Cafe – it’s literally one of the spots in Colombo that’s got a limited menu but with a level of consistency no one can match along with dishes whipped up with the freshest ingredients and looks insanely instagram worthy. Black Cat also branched out and brought together […]

Caterina Pizzeria

If there’s one thing I don’t mind being stranded in an island is if there’s a decent Italian pizzeria that’ll be making me an unlimited options of pizza and I’ll be content. I don’t think I’ll even NEED Netflix or the internet, because one needs to truly appreciate good pizza. Caterina Pizzeria recently opened three […]

Thai Heritage Food Truck

Thai food is amazing. GOOD, AUTHENTIC Thai food is EVEN BETTER! Thai heritage Food Truck, has been blessing CMB with their range of absolute delicious Thai delicacies, that’s going to blow your mind and fill your tummies with all the goodness! The location is by the road, you can actually see the wok in action […]