Chambers Colombo


Arabic food is not second nature to me. Why? Because, fun fact I was born in Bahrain and then raised in the Middle East for 13 years of my life. Middle Eastern food, is more or less my forte, not that I’m bragging or anything – but I can tell you what’s Zaatar and identify a smooth hummus 🙌🏽.

Chambers Colombo is still relatively new to the local market, I’ve passed it multiple times but never really got the chance to check them out. So I got lucky this time! Everything here, simply put was fantastic.

We tried a whole bunch of items, which were easily shareable amongst at least 4 people. The ambiance is quite lovely giving out an interesting fusion of a Moroccan and Turkish interior. The seating was comfortable enough for you to completely be yourself as you dig in too, so that’s definitely a plus.

So onto the food and drinks.

Hummus | 550/- LKR

Silky smooth yet lightly grainy just how I like my hummus doused in olive oil, and paprika. Dip this with the Arabic flat bread and you’re sorted.

Muhammara | 640/- LKR

Red pepper purée with walnuts with pomegranate molasses. DIVINE, Is how you’d describe it without giving it a second glance. The spicy red pepper flavor just bursts into mouth – you think hummus is life – wait till you try this out. 

Cheese sambousek | 480/- LKR

4 beautiful patties stuffed with a blend of cheese and spices served piping hot is #foodporn – oozing with cheese along with a pop of spices is the ultimate snack! – please hand me a whole bucket full of these, I’m good!

Zaatar cheese flatbread

Zaatar is a MASSIVE favorite for every Arab out there. It’s literally the cheapest alternative to delicious food but also with a ton of healthy benefits. This particular herb has an acquired taste but Chambers done a fantastic job at introducing this delicacy into the unfamiliar palates of Sri Lankan’s. Stuffed with mozzarella cheese – another fantastic snack. Plus the portions are rather big too!

Lime & mint crush | 450/- LKR

Your typical lime and mint crush, nothing to exaggerate over here. Ideal to quench your thirst.

Peach Riki | 420/- LKR

There was something odd about this. Since the food was literally PACKED with so much flavor. The drink was also packed with TOO much syrup and sugar which didn’t really complement the meal. Ideal on its own, but I preferred just plain ice cold water to quench as you go through the menu

Baghdadi Kebab | 1700/- LKR

Pure Australian minced lamb served with a fragrant saffron rice. The kebabs were MASSIVE, easily shareable amongst two people. The rice wasn’t a massive portion, but the lambs going to fill you up anyways so the rice was there to complement the dish but did the rice taste fantastic? YES.

Chicken & Prune Tagine | 1450/- LKR

I usually dislike cous cous but oh my goodness. This was such a delicious fix. Stuffed with two pieces of chicken, prunes with almonds and a delicious onion blend of flavors that’s quite out of the world.

Backlava with ice cream | 500/- LKR

You’ve tried backlava on its own. You are missing out if you haven’t tried it out with ice cream. The backlava was absolutely delicious, it was soft, flaky, crispy and super fresh and warm.

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