Crafting your Creative profile 



Being a creative means breaking the rules. You cannot possibly win hearts and change the world or even conquer your canvas if you’re going to remain hostage into the four walls of someone else’s opinion. Yet, while breaking the rules there’s a fine line from being a professional to someone going absolutely bonkers ( even if all the best people are crazy)!

Most success stories come from people who genuinely want to escape the ordinary and put their creative differences to work and then take it back into the spotlight that would be viewed by on and all, but what makes them remain successful is the fact that they knew how to keep being who they are and yet bringing out the professional aspect to it, which also gathers the much deserved respect in today’s world.

Unfortunately, striking the balance is tougher than it looks. Unleashing who you really are and yet bridging it to your professional aspect to things can get overwhelming but with practice and years of experience you tend to master it, eventually. However, there’s always those who struggle continuously and what keeps them going is doing what they love. Another major aspect it today’s world, is originality – it’s the one thing you see so rarely – everything is either copied or simply plagiarized which is clearly violating lines of being a creative or professional. It’s often misunderstood how being “inspired” is not the same copying of another artist – it’s about drawing the unique perspectives and inspiration that interests you go bring about your own work to light.

I’ve told this multiple times, that only dead fish go with the flow and unless you’re that dead fish, you really rather stand out on our own and shine for something you did that’ll not just make you proud but also keep you from being just another one hit wonder. Sure it’s tough, but it sucks worst to not bring about your own game to the field.

When I was writing as a teenager and then working my ladder up where my writing was written by million in the country on a national newspaper – I always knew that there’s something else I could be doing whilst holding on to doing what I love. Creating content has always been there, with the crazy things that’ll rush through my mind that would urge me to get into action but when I found the right platform, that’s exactly what I did to my 1500 followers I had then. I wasn’t aiming at getting followers, free products or even earning money. I did for the sole satisfaction of being able to do something I love and not regret it and genuinely feel so proud of the work I did. Everything else will follow suit, when you’re heading the right direction – not the direction where everyone’s heading. It most certainly felt incredible when my personality was resonated through the work and my writing that my following started to increase and then followed me making actual money from a platform that everyone assumed I was initially wasting my time on!

You need to learn to find your niche, whether it’s in the world or writing or being a doctor or even a corporate sector 9-5 – you work according to your creative powers, you can achieve incredible results that’ll not just make you outstanding but also where you will shine! Screw the highlighter ladies, it’s time to shine from within, where you’re happy and successful in body, mind and soul.

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