Culinary Craft By Villa Raha


We’ve all been to Villa Raha and fallen in love with the aesthetics and how it’s just the ideal spot to either have a fun date, meet with your friends or just have a blast alone. They’ve got a menu so detailed and precise that it doesn’t just fill your stomach but also your soul! The best part about them is that they are actually quite healthy than most places in CMB, and you get to have a real guilt free indulgences. The attention to details on the dishes are just insane and everything Villa Raha has to offer, we shall take it! *insert heart eye emoji*

Culinarily Craft is the name given to the restaurant and now it’s moved downstairs to the basement where everything is air conditioned and looks amazing! The interior and vibe down there is on a whole other level – so if anything, you’ve been missing out! The staff are fun and friendly and they always make sure that they give their best recommendations so you’d have a fantastic meal!

Here’s what’s we tried

Brioche Benedict | Rs. 1200/-

This takes your basic Benedict to a whole other level! The crispy brioche with the runny egg had a Yuzu hollandaise sauce that was just mouth wateringly delicious, served on a massive bed of avocado with smoked salmon. This tasted like royalty and I’m living for it!

Pancakes | Rs. 1090/-

Pancakes that are good, are hard to come by but this stack of pancakes came with a lot more than your plate can handle! We’re talking about silky smooth, Lindt chocolate ganache to whipped cream, a sour raspberry compote with caramelized banana and an Earl Grey smoked coconut honey. EXTRA AF!!!

Chicken Roulade | Rs. 1200/-

This I felt was a little bland,  compared to the other dishes – there wasn’t something that made us go OOH! It was poached chicken stuffed with button mushrooms, cheddar and served with their signature white sauce which was actually pretty great! The mashed potato was lovely too, creamy and soft along with a few grilled season veggies.

Passion fruit crush | Rs. 500/-

Perfect for the Sri Lankan heat, this crush will last you throughout the meal and even more! It’s passion fruit with ice and it’s the ultimate thirst quencher.

Iced Lindt chocolate | Rs. 500/-

My brother tried this one and he said it was like drinking a glass of cold smooth chocolate and he obviously has tried a million chocolate milkshakes and drinks and said this one is one the best!

Belgian hot chocolate | Rs. 550/-

A hug in a cup, a luxurious hug in a cup, that’s what this feels like!

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