Diego’s Peri Peri


I’m not going to lie, but Nando’s got nothing on Diego’s! I am and still will always adore Nando’s, but since it can never be Peri Peri enough for our local taste buds and also because it’s not here in Sri Lanka – Diego’s bring in the fiery fire and deliciousness.

The best part about Diego’s is the fact that they have a spicy O meter and this isn’t some lame meter where even if you go extra spicy, it feels nothing. Diego’s extra hot, is ACTUALLY hot and also absolutely delicious that you’d want to drink the sauce (yes that’s how GREAT the sauces are) so imagine the meats marinated and then slathered in these. Holy moly.

You get to create your own combo from picking the size of your chicken, to the level of spicy you want, the carbs you’d prefer on the side along with a salad of your choice! (Mind your the salads are also pretty bomb)

Diego’s Peri Peri is fairly new and all I can ask you to do is, go try them out because they are honestly so GOOD! Oh my days.

Here’s what we tried!

1/4 chicken | Rs. 490/-

Let me get this straight. For 490/- LKR, you get a quarter chicken, a choice of sides from roast potatoes to garlic bread or Portuguese rice AND a salad of your choice. Honestly SO affordable! The chicken was BEAUTIFUL, it was a work of art (haha) – grilled to perfection, where the meat was still juicy on the inside with a glaze of the peri peri sauce. The roast potatoes were pretty delish too and the corn & kidney bean salad was a dream. Especially since it was dressed with peri peri. What a healthy and hearty meal!

Peri Peri grilled wings | Rs. 300/-

if you thought you can’t stop with just a quarter chicken, the grilled wings were on FIRE! The fact that you get FIVE juicy wings for just 300/- blows my mind and shows how overpriced most Sri Lankan restaurants are! SO GOOD!

Peri Peri Pulled Beef Burger | Rs. 700/-

Unfortunately this tasted quite average and didn’t have a WOW factor, it was a simple classic beef burger – delicious but in comparison didn’t steal my heart!

Mixed berry splash | Rs. 250/-

I went for the strawberry splash and I swear this is perfect to accompany the meal. Refreshing, sweet, fizzy and yum!

Citrus Blast | Rs. 250/-

The same goes to the citrus blast, these guys have done a pretty good with the drink and we’re living for it especially with the price – it’s such a steal!

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