Epicure – LUNCH


Epicure isn’t a new kid on the block, they’ve actually been around whipping up some exciting stuff every now and then. And since their inception, they’ve been nothing short of amazing! Considering they were only open for dinner previously, lunch is now in operation with a soft launch. Fortunately for you, there’s a 10% discount on their already super affordable menu until the end of January so what else are you waiting for? 

The lunch menu consisted an assortment of starters, pastas & risottos, sandwiches and mains. The fact that they also cater to vegans and vegetarians were also a big thumbs up from me, to also ensuring these vegan dishes can also be savored by a carnivore like myself was the ultimate dream. 

The menu, is mouthwateringly delicious and surprisingly majority of the dishes had organic ingredients INCLUDING the meats! Now here’s what we checked out: 

The Caesar salad with add on grilled provincial chicken | 600/- + 300/- LKR 

WHAT A SALAD! I’ve tried Caesar salads on multiple occasions before, but I’ve never quite come across something like this. Firstly, it’s super affordable for the price especially considering how massive the portion was. It’s easily shared amongst two and there was a lot and I repeat a LOT of Parmesan – the juicy grilled chicken just added to all its glory. 

Kaffir Lime Rissoto | 1750/- LKR 

Not everyone can get a risotto right but they certainly nailed it. With the right amount of creaminess and deliciousness featuring 4 juicy grilled prawns & fresh chili. One cannot go wrong with Italian! 

Sticky Chicken wings | 

Not your average chicken wings that’ll ruin your palate with just the overwhelming flavors incorporated, but actually sticking to the core flavors so you actually taste the chicken and the sticky coating that compliments the mains! 

Fish tacos | 1100/- LKR 

AHH MY FAVORITE! I licked my plate clean with this one. Filled with the freshest ingredients and soft barramundi that just melted in your mouth. Not too heavy and didn’t have the excessive amounts of cheese and sauces that ruins the perfectly good taco. All in all, it was a light and refreshing meal and I won’t think twice to order that again. 

Norwegian Salmon | 1800/- LKR 

Cooked to a beautiful medium rare upon chef recommendation – is the crispy skinned Norwegian Salmon that was packed in omega 3 and flavor to the creamy mash and green peas. 

Raspberry, Passionfruit & Strawberry Sorbet | 400/- LKR 

TALK ABOUT THE PERFECT WAY TO END THE MEAL! I mean, three strong fruits in icy cold sorbets in this horrendous heat was just what you need. Super refreshing, tangy and absolutely yum in my tum feel! 

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