Sri Lankan fashion reimagined



Online shopping, specially in Sri Lanka, has always been a big fat MAYBE for me. And even if I do end up finding something that’s not simply fast fashion and add it to my cart, it’s usually something less than 50 dollars, mostly because of my undying trust issues considering how the internet tends to portray a negative image on failed online shopping shenanigans from the VERY long skinny jeans to prom gowns in 50 shades of wrong.

Sri Lanka is significantly remotely introduced to online shopping for clothing available within the island – especially since shopping online means spending hours on international websites and shopping locally means having similar wardrobes like your colleagues or peers. Plus, most stores in Sri Lanka claim to have their own online version of the store yet the options are little to none compared to actually heading to the physical store!—one of the largest online fashion platforms in Sri Lanka—on the other hand is quite the innovator. Apart from being a unique online retailer with its own labels Urban Drape and Urban Island, it also provides as a platform for emerging Sri Lankan and other South-Asian brands. Their clothing is distinct too, as their designers, along with their community of artisans and weavers revive traditional Sri Lankan textile crafts like handloom and batik and create designer wear of contemporary, global appeal that is loved not only in Sri Lanka but world over in more than 20 countries giving rise to ‘a new Sri Lankan style’. Yes, they deliver worldwide for free!

Besides, the quality of products it’s nothing short of international standards although locally designed and made in Sri Lanka.—their shopping website is user-friendly and allows the user to not just view the products but also run through a special zoom feature allowing them to notice the material and all the intricate detailing of each item.

Furthermore, the worldwide free delivery to easy returns makes this a much more enticing experience. However that’s not necessarily what captured my attention. It’s the fact that each line that goes out has a deep or insightful meaning with each one’s personal style alongside a campaign that discusses a new approach to fashion and confidence, making it a much more interactive play on clothes and reason why dressing up matters. Your shirt is no longer just a shirt you purchased online, in fact, it’s got a story on its own that’s truly your own. Their campaign #WearYourSuperpower that went viral a couple of months ago on social media has now become the retailer’s philosophy emphasising that is not just about looking good, it’s also about feeling good and bringing out your inner confidence on the outside. In an effort to support the global Fashion Revolution, they also brought in more transparency into their supply chain with #WhoMadeMyClothes, thereby extending their philosophy of self-empowerment and expression to empowering those around you.

The latest addition to this innovative e-tail in Sri Lanka being the phygital store in Bambalapitiya, down R A De Mel Mawatha next to AOD, which combines the best of online shopping and in-store shopping, letting you visit and check out all that’s online in real life, making it easy for those who like touch and trial first. Try it on with your mates, do a little twirl in a tulle dress and then go make your final purchase like a confident boss!

My Verdict: MUST TRY!

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