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Fatty Patty Gram

There’s a brand new cafe that’s hit Colombo and at first glance of their Instagram page really makes you want to try them out! Why? Well with a Instagram bio that screams “we bring the fat juicy memes daily with extra sauce whilst being body positive” it’s what we need in this YOLO life!

Conveniently located on the Galle Road you’d find this cute and quirky restaurant with these bright yellow flowers right outside along with an interior inside that’s quite simple yet adorable! Pink flamingo paintings, and a mini space with all your favorite imported chocolates, candies and goods that you can shop! Head upstairs and you’d find yourself a complete space along with a gorgeous view of the usual traffic on Galle Road. There’s also a flower wall and quirky quotes clipped around!

Let’s get into the food & drink now;

Ice cream soda 350/- LKR

A scoop of vanilla ice cream in a green soda – looking just like alien goop was actually pretty delicious! It was sweet but also complimented the overall meal!

Butter beer 400/- LKR

Potter-heads here is yet another spot to get some delicious butter beer. Not going to lie, this is some of the best I’ve had and I genuinely enjoyed this one. Not overly sweet but insanely rich and was a lovely home made cream soda! BIG YES!

Chillie dog 550/- LKR

Apart from Bakes By Bella’s chilli dog, this was pretty bomb! Loaded with a deliciously creamy and slightly spicy minced beef chilli. The chicken sausage was also extremely juicy and it was comfort food 101. Give me this and F R I E N D S – I’m good!

Crispy chicken burger 750/- LKR

A juicy on inside, crispy and well seasoned on the outside was this fantastic crispy chicken burger served with a portion of thick cut fries. Love!

Fish and chips 675/- LKR

Three pieces of fish, so soft that it almost melts in your mouth and served with their thick cut fries.

Chicken kidu rice 725/- LKR

Serving the best for last! The chicken kidu rice was AMAZING! We loved loved the thick chicken thigh marinated and looking fabulous along with the Malay pickle, the dhal and the brinjal curry – mix it all together and you’d have the best of both worlds. Wooot!

Pittu n babath 450/- LKR

If you’re Malay and even if you’re not but if you love babath, you’re going to go crazy knowing there’s a decent place that now does it at a fantastically reasonable price! Money pittu, with a spicy sambol and a killer babath curry.

Choc biscuit pudding jar 575/- LKR

A rich creamy chocolate goodness. Period.

Red velvet jar 625/- LKR

Layers of red velvet cake and cream – making this ideal for anyone who’s more or less obsessed with with red velvet! Plus cute packaging!

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