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Let me ask one simple, straight forward question. How many times have you come across a store that’s solely serving you fresh juice and not just concentrations of sugar?

I think we are all aware of the answer. The Good Life Company has always been looked at the WRONG angle, it’s been taken for granted as a HEALTH store where all you indulge is in vegetarian and vegan dishes – although this may be true, it’s also super delicious and full of goodness!

Good Life started off as a cafe that wanted to serve up delicious, curated flavours that’s are locally available into fresh cold pressed juices. Why? Because, as much as we crave a fruit juice, we’re either on a scale of HIGH sugar, HUGE amounts of water and barely any REAL fruit.

Here you get a range of incredibly mouth watering juices that’s not just delicious but also health AF (Excuse my french).



Here’s what I tried!


Pineapple and Lemongrass | Rs. 350/-
Let me just break this down to you in the simplest form as possible. AMAZING. Who knew pineapple and lemongrass would go so well together? WHO KNEW?! (Clearly, The Good Life Company does). It was sweet and slightly thick giving you a lovely strong aftertaste of the lemongrass after gulps of the pineapple flavour that just intoxicates you in a GOOD way!



Acai Bowl | Rs. 850/-
There’s smoothie bowls, and then there’s Acai bowls from Good Life that fell straight out of Instagram or Pinterest. This bowl was packed with precisely all things healthy, but with the overall combination you can officially go Acai-zy for this! The cold strawberry smoothie, slices of banana, acai seeds, desiccated coconut and granola is the perfect combination and is the yummiest smoothie bowl I’ve tried so far in CMB!



Protein Balls | Rs. 150/-
A rather fancy little looking truffle only stuffed with chocolate chips, sesame seeds, peanut butter, honey being a few of the ingredients which tasted pretty wholesome and (super healthy) once combined together!



Will I come back?

I don’t see why not, with their unique pressed juice range to the smoothies shakes and bowls – I’m sure you’re bound to fill up the void in your stomach with something fruity, colourful, Instagram worthy and Healthy!


Before you ask me

– Halal

– No pork or meats served

– Vegan / Vegetarian cafe

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