I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again – finding a decent kottu spot that won’t land you in the emergency room for a stomach pump eight hours later is tough. And it’s not like it’s even worth it, the kottu usually tastes pretty horrible and you’d only ever have one of the good days and life’s too short to be spending your money on bad kottu.

Kottulabs has only been in the biz for 18 months but they’ve been getting everyone hooked onto their concept! It’s not just ROTI you’re going to find here, there willing to take every single carb you love and turn it into a kottu of your preference. Yes! I’m talking, string hoppers, pittu, dolphin, pasta, and even chickpeas cuz they ain’t forgetting about the vegans/vegetarians! The coolest part is they now even have carb FREE kottu, which means you don’t have to feel guilty at all!

The whole concept at Kottulabs is that you’re the chef and they basically cook it for you but don’t get ahead of yourself cuz their specials are also pretty darn amazing – and if you’re not feeling creative just dive into that and you’re sorted.

Kottulabs don’t do mass cutting and just dump you days old kottu but if you ever do pop by their current location you can easily witness for yourself how there’s an open kitchen concept and how it’s all made from scratch for each  dish!

The only downside to the whole experience at kottulabs is the seating, it’s extremely tiny – however they told me they’d be expanding before the end of this year and for now you’ve got your trusty Uber eats & Pick Me Foods!

Dolphin Kottu | 699/- LKR

The biggest issue when it comes to a dolphin kottu is that people don’t quite understand the difference. The dolphin is a larger shred of the rotti and it has more curry so it’s not dry. The kottulabs dolphin is an absolute star with chunks of chicken and so much flavor!

Prawn string hopper kottu | create your own

I love seafood string hopper kottu, only when my mum makes and this is a close second. I created my own by adding onions, capsicum, leeks, and carrots. They add in their signature sauces and curry and holy moly this was just perfection.

Beef Wrap | 1250/- LKR

Apart from their famous kottu, they’ve also got a whole range of other cool stuff you can indulge in. The beef wrap is a massive mountain of sautéed beef, vegetables and loads of cheese wrapped in a massive paratha. I found this to be an acquired taste but you should definitely have this hot as soon as it’s served!

Cheesy mashed potatoes | 350/- LKR

Kottulabs told me that people weren’t still used to having mashed potato as an appetizer, but I love potatoes and mashed is all the better! This is one thick, creamy and rich AF mashed goodness. They’ve been insanely generous with the milk, the cheese and double cream. Bliss.

Chocolate rotti | 500/- LKR

Nutella slathered parathas with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and milkmaid – I didn’t know I can add chocolate for rotti! This one can be shared amongst 4 peeps cuz it’s massive chunky pieces.

Cranberry Fizz | 400/- LKR

These are their signature drinks. This ones got cranberry juice, soda, lime and mint muddled in.

Nelli Fizz | 400/- LKR

This ones got nelli with the usual shenanigans- these drinks are ideal when you’re having the dishes because it gives you a refreshing feel to your food experience and quenches your thirst at the same time.

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