Let’s Taco Colombo


There was once a drought in CMB, with not a taco or nacho in sight. Even if there were, you’d have to travel distance and visit a bunch of restaurants to simply satisfy your cravings – most of the times, it’s just bleh.  

One fine day, we saw the bright yellow building down Dickmans Rd with its lit up board screaming “Let’s Taco Colombo” – I can guarantee you that, I did not stop TACOing about it until it opened up!



What’s it like?


First of all, this is one the most prettiest Mexican inspired restaurants I’ve ever seen! From the garden like entrance to a fabulous wall art of Taco El Flaco leading to an insides that is legit date night worthy simply because it’s too gorgeous! The lights, the bustling street of Mexico as a backdrop to a really stunning painting of a Chika ready to show her serious salsa moves *insert girl in red dress emoji*

Secondly, it’s super chill and the perfect place for some great food and company. (Check out the Great Wall, I’m sure Trump wouldn’t be too happy about it. Thiromi is so smart to come up with that!)



What inspired the opening of Let’s Taco Colombo?


Okay, since I got to know the owners pretty well – I got the inside deets y’all!

Meet Karthik & Thiromi, the coolest couple on the block bringing you the best of Mexican fusion one can offer in this pretty Island. Thiromi is a HUGE Mexican fan and when she found out that CMB has no restaurant that focuses solely on her favourite thing on this planet (no exaggeration is allowed here), she decided it’s time she gives these Lankans a true taste of Mexicana!

So here she is along with her (buff) husband and in laws running the coolest le restaurante.



PS: her in laws are Punjabi! Although Karthik is in denial, that’s what too much Sri Lanka does to you. (LANKAN TO THE LAST DROP Y’ALL)


What’s up for grabs?


Everything! Tacos, Nachos, churros, quesadillas, chimichanga, Mexican rice and whatnot! Burritos and chalupas and other specials would be introduced into the menu very soon, so do keep your eyes locked on their Instagram and Facebook page for daily updates.


What did I try?


Spicy Chicken Tacos | Rs. 1150/-

Having the spicy chicken tacos felt like renewing my vows to TACOS! Saying this was delicious can be the biggest understatement of the year. They were the soft shells, and you can tell it was made from literal scratch not the store brought industrial crap that’ll make you wanna puke. The filling was well marinated chicken along with lots of onions, tomatoes and a handful of cabbage both green and red along with a special sauce signature to the dish, which tasted a tad bit similar to a thousand island dressing ft cocktail sauce.

The meal had TWO giant tacos, a handful of nachos, sautéed sweet corn in pepper, guacamole and a spicy salsa dip that was just too good!



Big Dip Nachos | Rs. 1300/-

When they say BIG, they really do mean BIG. A giant portion of fresh nachos that’s crispy, a little thick but also has a slight Sri Lankan touch to it that I can’t really place my finger on. The meat took the nachos to a solid 10/10 with sweet and spicy flavours well cooked amidst the minced chicken meat. Topped with sour cream, guacamole and CHEESE, this is definitely NACHO average!



Beef Quesadilla | Rs. 875/-

These quesadillas are yum! A dry beef filling but the meat was quite juicy packed with flavour and caramelised onions that wasn’t sweet but deliciously spicy giving out a smoky flavour at the same time. Stuffed with cheese, sour cream I truly fell in love.



Churro Cup | Rs. 525/-



These are what sweet dreams are made of! Even if you don’t fancy cinnamon or churros you’re still bound to go GAGA over this dessert. Making churros are tough but taking the conventional stick to a cup, deserves a round of applause! The churros are soft, fluffy and crispy with an amazing cinnamon sugar coating, vanilla ice cream to chocolate and caramel sauce! I AM TELLING YOU this is the perfect dish to go all ” you’re the cinnamon sugar to my churro”


Zingy Orange | Rs. 350/-

A fresh orange juice with a zesty and zingy  feel from the delicious lime and slight hint of soda. Very refreshing.



Would I come back?

It’s a YES from me. I cannot wait to feast on the rest of their menu and see what else they’ve got to offer in future!


Before you ask me;

– no pork is served

– No alcohol is served or allowed

– All ingredients are Halal!



Check them out on Instagram: @letstacocolombo

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