Life Food


Deliciously healthy food is a compromise you got to make when you’re trying to eat clean. But with Life Food, you’d be shocked to find out that everything you’re having is actually a 100% GOOD! I’ve been to Life Food previously and obviously I was always a little skeptical but oh my days, they were absolutely delicious! This time around we checked them out again, and they’ve grown two floors higher with beautiful interiors, and a wonderful vibe.

If you’re looking for an Instagram worthy but also food that won’t make you feel guilty – Life Foods is seriously underestimated!

We tried a variety of dishes and drinks and here’s what we thought!

Mango Booster | Rs. 500/-

This delicious blend of mango, passion fruit and ginger! Although the ginger was a little overpowering – this drink was a complete energizer with all the essential vitamins and antioxidants you need to boost up your immune system!

Iced Cafe Mocha | Rs. 600/-

Personally I would’ve preferred more ice because it wasn’t cold enough. But apart from that, this was some of the best iced cafe mocha with such a rich and creamy chocolate flavor! Absolutely yum.

Smooth Operator | Rs. 650/-

The fact that this was actually a toasted kurrakan roast bread has me completely shook! It’s absolutely delicious with a thick layer of creamy basil chicken with an avocado mayo. This is what comfort food is made of, especially the kind that doesn’t have any guilt attached to it. Honestly my favorites and definitely worth the amount.

The Frenchy | Rs. 800/-

If you think healthy can’t be sweet and wonderful. Then you thought wrong! Soft brioche stuffed with a homemade Nutella (they say it tastes better this the original and I’m not even going to argue on that fact!) with cream cheese, caramelized bananas with organic kithul treacle! I went with the half the portion, but if you want the whole thing, then dive right into it!

Flamin’ Chick | Rs. 1300/-

Who knew cauliflower rice tasted so good. Always felt like it’ll be way too healthy for my taste but clearly I’ve been messing out massively! The chili chicken was actually super spicy and packed with tons of heat and flavor along with a fresh salad on the side!

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