MOMO – Wattala


How often do you get to spend just 990/- for a buffet that’s either offering you a full length of Indian, Chinese and Sri Lankan on three consecutive nights? Not very often from my knowledge atleast!

Momo Wattala is the latest cafe/restaurant that’s been opened by the former executive chef of Mount Lavinia offering a decent a la carte menu to the budget buffet nights on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays!

I popped down to check out both their Indian + Sri Lankan Nights and here’s what I thought!


Sri Lankan | Rs. 990/-

There was a quite the range of dishes to choose from, complete from a mutton soup to bread accompanied with it that’s made fresh in house which gets points! The curries range from thick crab curries, spicy chicken curries, fish head curry to babath (which is a favourite among the Malay Muslims and whoever who enjoys it!). There was a hopper station, to string hoppers and pittu along with other accompaniments that go along with these from fresh lunu miris, pol sambol etc.

For desserts we were served the traditional Sri Lankan cake – warm Bibbikkan which is a thick and condensed version of an actual cake with vanilla ice cream which ended up being a really great fusion and tasted absolutely moist and divine. (Comfort food much?)






Indian | Rs. 990/-


This started off with a tomato soup, to a range of curries from a fish masala, butter chicken, chick pea curry and a potato cauliflower curry that all stood out well in terms of exceptional flavour. There was both rice, and hot buttered naan along with crispy poori!







Home made ginger beer |


Precisely the most yummiest HOMEMADE ginger beer I’ve had! It was perfectly cold, with the right amount of sweetness along with the right strong aroma and flavour of the ginger. The perfect drink for your spicy meals.



Lime & Mint |


This was smothered with a blend of mint and lime and loaded with soda and ice – the ultimate cooler after a long day in the heat. This one is clearly winning!



What I think of the place?

MOMO looks LIT! It’s absolutely gorgeous with a decent second floor that’s perfect to throw a party along with the plush seating and if you’re lucky you can enjoy your meal to a live band present for the night!


Will I come back?

I’m coming back for the drinks, desserts and to check out the rest of the menu for sure!


Before you ask me;

– It’s Halal

– No pork or alcohol is served in the premise

– All meats are HAC certified and certain red meat is imported from Halal certified companies from Australia.


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