Momos by Ruvi


Let me throw you some facts:

 1. Momo is a type of South Asian dumpling, native to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim state and Darjeeling state of India.

2. The Tibetan diaspora in South Asia invented this.

3. Main ingredients run around – white flour and water dough to meat, cheese and vegetable fillings.


Now that we’ve established that Momo’s have a neat history with the chinky side of the world (No offense intended).


Let’s get down to business!


Where is it?

Initially it’ll be a tad difficult to find, considering it right opposite Unity Plaza – a rickety little road, but do not let the road’s appearance fool you because you’re about to land yourself in dumpling heaven.


What’s it like?

To be frank, the moment you see the board that screams “MOMOS BY RUVI” and their black chalk board outside, which on certain days emphasize how you’re not single or taken but just hungry OR that dumplings are better than flowers (Like I TOTES agree on that) you feel this incredible feeling. The kind you’re about to have DUMPLINGS! The insides of the restaurant is paradise for someone who lives for puns because it’s filled with some puntastic dumpling + food inspired puns (I’m soy into you Momos).


What’s up for grabs?

They’ve a decent menu with four filling options; Chicken, Beef, Prawns & Vegetables. Also you can decide the style you’d like your Momo’s to be prepared; Steamed, Wok fried, Shallow Fried & Cheese.


What did I try?

The owner, Monalisa, customized a gorgeous dumpling platter with four fillings prepared in four different ways.


Steamed Chicken Momo’s | Rs. 390/-

Four adorable little dumplings that you really want to treasure inside your mouth which then hits your guts because unlike flowers you can actually EAT these. There were  lovely boiled chicken bits mixed in oriental spices which was extremely soft, packed with flavor and slightly sweet.


Wok fried Prawn Momo’s | Rs. 510/-

These Momo’s are wok fried which means it’s been cooked in oil in a Wok (Duh). A nice little boiled Prawn stuffed in with finely chopped parsley, corn and tiny bits of carrots which enhanced the flavor and had a slightly crispy outer layer. You can clearly see how it’s fried to a golden brown and shaped like a little chubby Prawn!


Cheese Beef Momo’s | Rs. 550/-

Definitely a classic at Momo’s, after all anything with cheese makes EVERYTHING a hundred times better. These round dumplings had a delicious minced beef sautéed in with a little bit of spice and sprinkled with a hand of shredded mozzarella cheese. Bite into this with the gravy provided and feel that orgasm building up.


Shallow Fried Vegetable Momo’s | Rs. 350/-

Not exactly a favorite, (possibly because it’s vegetables) but this Momo will definitely win the hearts of all the vegetarians out there! Carrots, cabbage cooked where it’s slightly sweet with a tangy gravy that had a little bit of heat tasted pretty great for something that had your veggies!



Every order of Momo’s would unlock you three UH-MAZIN’ sauces/dips.

Sambal – Your NOT so average sambal sauce with pol sambal, ginger/garlic curry sauce. Trust me it doesn’t get better than this.

Schezwan – The spicy version of the average schezwan sauce, which you can tell is fresh AND delicious filled with all that spice you need in your life especially if your single or your relationship is practically dying *smirk*

Chili Soy – Soy Sauce + Chili + Shallots = Glamorous Soy Sauce which you could probably drink (BECAUSE IT TASTES THAT GOOD!).



Momos by Ruvi has a lovely range of iced teas and water priced at 50/- which is quite reasonable unlike other restaurants that literally prey on your wallet for basic needs like WATER.


Peach Fiesta | Rs. 300/-

These came in those jars with a silver lid and straw. The peach fiesta, was a lovely iced tea that wasn’t too strong in flavor bur you get a lovely peachy hint that’ll make you very cheeky and it was ice cold so certainly a winner for the price!


Strawberry Punch | Rs. 300/-

Was it really a punch? The strawberry had a soft contrasting flavor like the peach fiesta but definitely another favorite. Decent iced tea for this price is a big fat YES from me!


Would I come back?

Hell ya! Those beef + chicken feelings are DELICIOUS plus the iced teas are everything in this crappy heat!


Before you ask me;

– it’s Halal

– No Pork

– No Alcohol

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