Nom Nom Asia


Asian cuisine will forever make us weak in the knees and get our stomach do somersaults because we know how great of a variety they’ve got as well the amount of flavor packed into each dish! Nom Nom Asia caters to traditional and modern South East Asian food. You know it’s pretty legit when their cooks hail from their respective countries to cook what’s best, so you’re getting your moneys worth AND the location also looks absolutely gorgeous on the inside. Definitely not what you’d expect with hanging flowers and plush seating. They are also conveniently located on Maya Avenue with ample parking space! Let me cut this short and get right into the food we tried, and believe me when I say I’m still waiting for the day I can go right back and stuff my face!

-Lemongrass Ice Tea 350/- LKR

The ice tea was definitely refreshing but to have lemongrass in my drink – I wasn’t personally digging it. But if you love that flavor notes, you’re going to love this icy drink.

-Fried spinach 590/- LKR

Initially we though we were having kang kung but then the richness in the greens gave it away and we were shocked by the fact that spinach can taste this great! Recommending this dish if you’re looking to eat healthy but you also want it to taste absolutely delicious – because this was just on point. Juicy, sour and slightly spicy in a tangy sauce. YUM!

-Curry powder prawns 890/-LKR

Curry powder curry should be a thing because even if there weren’t any prawns we demolished and licked the plate clean. The prawns were thick and juicy and has absorbed all the flavors of the curry. The curry is sweet, rich and thick and has a rich coconut consistency with thick chunks of pepper, spring onions. It’s oily and it’s definitely the kind of curry you’d crave.

-Basil leaves beef 740/-LKR

This was yet another fantastic dish, with loads of basil and slices of beef cooked with red chili. It was extremely spicy and packed with so much flavor. You’d be gasping for iced water but you won’t quit stuffing this until you’ve polished the dish.

-Spicy papaya salad with peanuts 450/-LKR

Another dish I was pretty skeptical about, mostly because I don’t personally like papaya but believe me this picture doesn’t do justice to hoe spicy and tangy it was! Big YES for a salad 🙌🏽

-Salted fish fried rice (small) 750/-LKR

The perfect rice dish to go with your meal, clearly complimented the other curry dishes. Trust me, this combination is ideal if you’re heading to Nom Nom for the first time and want a really good first impression! YASS!

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