Where: Disques @ Racecourse

When: 14th July 2016

Price: Invitees Only


The wait is finally over! Sri Lanka has (finally) landed with an exclusive new online shopping platform for all us shopaholics and fashion enthusiasts. Best online gambling site https://www.gamblingid.com/.


OCA LOKA is your ultimate #MadlyInStyle best friend as it welcomes you into the world of shopping in the comfort of your own home!


OCA LOKA is aimed at everyone that’s 16 and above as well as to  anyone who wants to feast into a fashionable lifestyle. It’s a fun, hip and bold company introduced by Dunilsha Hewage – a young (and gorgeous) entrepreneur who’s passionate not just about fashion, but also to make a statement largely incorporating CSR.


“CSR is embedded into everything” – Dunilsha


OCA LOKA is about bringing together global trends and making purchases of items over the Internet safe and convenient. More importantly it’s not just about the incredible line of clothing, but also the addition of lifestyle from bags, accessories, phone cases as well as home decor.


How does the website work?


OCA LOKA emphasizes on their original OCA LOKA brand along with other local brands that does not have a established center to sell. OCA LOKA allows novel designers to take the initiative or joining hands to using OCA LOKA as the front runner.


The website is extremely user friendly and interactive, as well as enabling you to mix and match clothing from different brands to create customized looks to showing you proper zoom in enabled pictures that gives you a better outlook into the material and extra details of the item (Since it’s online and stuff).



The best part is that it’s free shipping + free returns if you happened to be disappointed with the products. In my books, it’s a definite win win!


What inspired the name OCA LOKA?


It was actually two of Dunilsha’s best friends initials she’s incorporated along with LOKA which is “crazy” in Spanish. Why? Because her friends personality and the unconditional love inspired her to take up OCA LOKA to the bigger picture and tributing the brand name to the lucky girls! (All in the name of fashion)



Who compered?


Micheal Ketigian! That’s right, your favorite  Armenian American TEDx speaker, poet and “human at Stageless Arts” (according to his Facebook bio). He was incredibly graceful and at ease when it came to opening up the press launch event! Plus we got to hear a pretty cool poem from him too. *eeeeee!*



What to expect in future?

A whole range of designers, fashion catalogues and even international brand names to hit OCA LOKA.



So let’s all go “LOKA” on




– #MadlyInStyle


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