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Exfoliating your body is equally important as exfoliating ones face. Like your usual face scrubs, to take off dead skin, black heads and all sorts of dirt in your face there’s always a scrub of your choice in your preferred scents!

Fortunately for us, we’ve got a new boss babe in CMB who makes Sugar scrubs to order! The fact that this 17 year old Entrepreneur is allowing us ladies (and men) the opportunity to try out some of the best locally sourced scrubs that’s not too harsh on the wallet is everything!



Here’s a few reasons why you ought to invest in sugar scrubs for your skin;


– Exfoliation! It’s absolutely vital to get rid of them dead skin cells – this allows you to a layer of smooth skin + easy to run a razor across too without leaving blisters around!

– Less pain in comparison to salt scrubs which could hurt while scrubbing off and less harsh on your skin considering it’s purely sugar crystals!

– If you’ve got sensitive skin, then it’s time you grab these babies.

– You can also low key taste them (kidding!)



Here’s what I checked out from the Sugar Body Works range;


– Coffee Scrub | Rs. 450/-
The moment you take of the lid, you’re greeted by the most pleasant aroma in the world – COFFEE! It’s almost as if you’re holding a bottle of espresso dissolved in sugar and what better way to start your day than this! Get your daily coffee fix when you pop into the shower that is!


– Orange Scrub – Luxury Range | Rs. 550/-
If you’re up for some citrusy and fruity fun, then this would totally win over your personality as a fun and quirky person. The zesty orange infused into the sugar is beyond pleasing and is definitely something to energise your day or an evening of hard work!



Here’s a sneaky little interview I managed with the busy lady behind this wonder business!


1. What inspired Sugar Body Works?


– Ever since my teenage days I’ve been really very fond of natural skincare like many others. This combined with the crazy chemist in me (not a science kid), resulted in a dozen or so experiments with whatever I could find available at home. And then it sort of faded when I grew older and school took over most of my time.Then recently, I watched this video about how the world is going to change if we all continue to treat it this way.There’ll be nothing left but just a desolate sphere with no memory of life.It really shook me.And that’s about when I came up with the idea of organic skincare that is 100% chemical-free.


2. Tell me a little about yourself and what you do?


– My name’s Maryam Rishad, 17 years old. Working on my Alevels for next year! So, student by day and an entrepreneur, artist, baker, graphic designer and photographer by night / or pretty much when ever I have the time.


3. How was it to create our own product that’ll help millions of Lankan women?


– I feel really honoured to be a part of this great leap forward (in the lives of Sri Lankan women) And, as a 17 year old, I am truly humbled and grateful for this opportunity, and hope that what I’ve achieved will act as an inspiration for other young adults to pursue their dreams.


4. Are all your products Halal?


– All products are halal


5. What’s the price range like?


– 250-550/-


6. What’s in store in future?


– There’s a world full of opportunities out there, and I do hope to broaden my product range soon!


7. What are your best sellers?


– It’s been Rose and Orange:)


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