Thalapakatti Biriyani – Sri Lanka


Biriyani is love, biriyani is life and now with Thalapakatti hitting smack in the city – we’re finally able to actually RATE biriyani and this one surprisingly lived up to my standards and we smashed it. – 11/10 recommend Thalapakatti BUT let me tell you more about the restaurant. 

Basically, the restaurant is a massive franchise that’s got tons of branches in Chennai, India and a few splattered around the world from Dubai to France and boy are we fortunate to get it here in Lanka too! We’re to thank Mr & Mrs. Inam – who technically got them down and Mr. Inam did mention they are gonna open another one at the international airport – meaning when you’re about to departure – YOU GET TO EAT BIRIYANI! 

The location is literally PACKED. There’s a huge queue on the outside and it’s crazy busy on the inside – it’s like a big fat Indian wedding! The front station has the live BBQ section and you’re instantly greeted with such an incredible aroma *insert heart eye/ drool emoji* 

Here’s what we tried out! 

Chicken varuval kulambu 

  • I initially wanted to check out the butter chicken, but the waiter suggested I go some something more authentic to the brand and so we went with this. It smelled divine and was packed with a lot of strong flavor but it was super spicy – so if you love your spice, you’re gonna dive into this. 

Peri peri chicken chops 

  •   Nando’s who? These were killer juicy and looked absolutely gorgeous – chicken chops haven’t tasted this good – the marination and the seasoning was on point. Definitely recommending.

Moru moru fish 

  • This was basically crumb fried fish that was served with a curd dip and was absolutely delicious because it was three fat chunks that were crispy and super fresh on the inside. 

Black pepper chicken 

  • This probably sounds like a really biased review but this was all actually delicious! The black pepper chicken is actually famous at the restaurant – it’s spicy and juicy but thankfully it wasn’t like over the top with the pepper so it wasn’t strong or gross – try it out and let me know!

Thalapakatti mutton biriyani (boneless) 

  • THE STAR OF THE SHOW! The biriyani comes in a fat pot that’ll serve two people along with a giant tub of onion raita and gravy and omg it’s magic when it enters your month. This is so good. SO GOOD. 

Garlic naan 

  • Unfortunately the garlic naan was as WOW as everything else, it just felt a little mediocre in comparison to everything else. 

Lime cooler 


  • Since the food was super spicy, this was the perfect accompaniment to the meal. It was icy cold and not to sweet! 

Chocolate milkshake 

  • My brother didn’t even bother sharing, so you know it was pretty delish. One thing I noticed about the drinks we’re they aren’t heavy so it doesn’t fill you up instead. 

Gulab Jamun 

  • AMAZING! Three hot balls soaked in delicious sugar syrup. Always loved gulab jamun, and this was the perfect end to the meal! 

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