The Cake Factory


As humans we seek comfort in the best things life has to offer and life is too short to spend your money and calories on cake that tastes bad. Fortunately, The Cake Factory is existing proof that there’s hope. Soft. Moist. Delicious. Cake. The kind of cake that reminds you of your beautiful childhood, happy memories and all things magical – because that’s what I want when I have a slice!

The cake factory is located conveniently on the 5th lane and it looks beautiful! It’s not your generic cake shop in Sri Lanka. They’ve got a wide range of selection to choose from and everything tastes superb. This place is literally undeniably underrated massively. The next time you’ve got a craving for something sweet or a good cuppa – head to The Cake Factory!

Chocolate Biscuit Pudding- 350/-

  • I’ve tried multiple biscuit puddings and I can’t tell you for a fact that they all have had something missing in it, either it’s too sweet or too creamy or just not rich enough – but this – this felt like how Goldilocks found the right porridge. It was perfect, and you’re going to absolutely smash this beast!

Salted Caramel Choc Pot- 350/-

  • getting the right salted caramel flavor without making it too salty is quite task that many struggle with but OH MY DAYS!!! Cheat day calls for one of these pots!

Hummingbird Cake – 450/-

  • this banana pineapple spice cake is the cure for heartbreak. Period. Soft fluffy deliciousness with the kick of spice and the creamiest of cream cheese frosting. This was a hug in a slice of cake. Bootiful.

Chocolate Pineapple Cake – 300/-

  • I didn’t know I’d actually like this, cuz hello! Pineapple and chocolate?! But obviously, it’s pretty amazing. Silky smooth chocolate and tiny chunks of sweet pineapple. Smooth.

Love Cake – 140/-

  • If you’ve ever asked “where can I get the best love cake?” It’s always going to be “The Cake Factory” – forget your knight in shining armor or your soulmate – this one gives you all the feels and it has been for years!

Iced Coffee- 350/-

  • Y’all gonna be like why is Zainab saying something nice to every single one of the items here – IT IS CUZ IT WAS PRETTY AMAZING! – this iced coffee wasn’t overly sweet or bitter – just the right amount of perfect!

Swiss Roll with Raspberry and Cream Cheese- 330/-

  • probably my favorite! I never would do a raspberry cream cheese Swiss roll but I fell in love guys! This ones a winner for me! Absolutely delicious. Slightly tangy from the berries and covered in thick cream cheese surrounded with a soft Swiss roll.

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