The Food Cycle


All your street food favorites under one roof, with the best of flavors and ingredients bringing to the table the yummiest dishes! Firstly, we really liked the whole vibe with the restaurant, especially the cycle wheels around and how the drinks were served on a cycle wheel as a tray – which was pretty cool! The whole space had the booth style vibe, meaning you can get as comfortable as you want and dig into your meal without anyone prying!

The menu consisted of burgers, submarines, Kottu, biriyani, grilled chicken, shawarma and with the options of having it in beef or chicken! They are halal and will be hitting Uber’s Eats real Soon!


Here’s what we tried!

Lime crush | Rs. 200/-

Refreshing, not too sweet and lasted throughout the meal so this was definitely worth the amount, especially since getting a lime crush anywhere else in Sri Lanka would mean paying at least 4 times the amount, which is pretty outrageous!

Chocolate milkshake | Rs. 220/-

Silky smooth, your usual milkshake – nothing too special but still delicious and for 220/- it’s quite the steal!

Chicken shawarma | Rs. 380/-

We did not expect this shawarma to taste so good! So many people go extra crazy with the flavors and then it sort of ruins it and ends up becoming some exotic sandwich that’s trying way to hard. But honestly, so refreshing to taste something so simple and almost – ALMOST like an actual Dubai shawarma – so totally worth it! YUM!

Kashmiri masala chicken kottu | Rs. 540/-

The holy grail of kottu out there and y’all will definitely agree with me on this! This kottu is so flavorful and even though it says masala it’s not like hardcore where you’re like grossed out by after 5 mouthfuls – this one makes you keep on wanting more! The fact that actual Kashmiri secret spices are used to oomph this dish – really makes it stand out!

Hot butter cuttlefish | Rs. 740/-

So worth getting this dish because there’s a ton of cuttlefish and I was skeptical to try it out since usually a lot of places cannot get there HBC right – it’s either too spicy or extremely soggy or just really dry AF. But oh my days, these were ridiculously delicious!

Peri Peri chicken | 390/-

This bbq chicken is marinated consistently with the peri peri sauce so with each bite you’re gonna get the best of that heat and you’ve got all that flavor packed into the meat! Perfect on its own or just accompanied with one of the dishes – either way some of the juiciest chicken thighs I’ve had!

The wheeler | Rs. 580/-

The wheelers got a massive crispy chicken fillet and it’s a burger – I think it’s pretty darn huge and also absolutely juicy and got some melted cheddar, iceberg lettuce, onions and some secret homemade sauces that elevates the total experience.

The Hardtall | Rs. 480/-

This beef version was so good! Flame grilled, with jalapeños, cheese, onions along with the homemade sauces were such a treat. Such fantastic gourmet burgers!

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