The Mango Tree


The Mango Tree has always been an iconic Indian restaurant in Sri Lanka for over 16 years. From being the very first to capture locals with exquisite North Indian cuisine, they are still managing to capture heart and the bellies of most of us when it comes to some of their iconic dishes! Mr. Hitesh, the manager of Mango Tree hails from the North of India as well, and he did bring more insight into the food scene of India saying that each region have their very own unique take on different dishes, bringing together extraordinary ingredients and creating magical flavors that the whole world enjoys thoroughly!

We tried a few of the dishes that are extremely popular at the Mango Tree, and here’s our verdict!

Chicken kalimiri tikka| Rs.1150/-









  • Chicken Tikka takes multiple forms and this ones speciality is the grounded black pepper. We’re talking about soft, juicy chunks of meat packed with lots of flavor and spice making this the perfect way to start the meal.

Paneer tikka | Rs.950/-


  • The secret to Mango Tree’s paneer is the fact that they make their paneer in house, with the freshest ingredients to ensure it has got the exactly quality and flavor that mango tree is on the lookout for! The paneer tikka will definitely change your mind on how you perceive cottage cheese. It was cut into thick squares, slathered in spices and grilled to perfection. Crispy, chewy and milky and if you get a bite of freshly sliced onions too, I can assure you haven’t tried anything quite as amazing as this!

Mutton biryani | Rs.1495/-


  • The biriyani is yet another iconic dish in India, mostly due to the fact that you’d find a different version across various regions. The original biriyani was always mutton, it was only later on where they introduced the chicken, seafood, vegetarian biriyani. This was once again packed with flavor and each grain was worth the bite!

Butter chicken | Rs.1225/-

  • I’m possibly the biggest butter chicken fan. We’ve tried so many across Sri Lanka and the world and haven’t come across something as unique as the one at Mango Tree. The secret to theirs is they add the butter to the curry itself, whereas most places just pour a little on top as a finishing garnish. Unbelievably rich in flavor and the portions are rather massive!

Dal makhani | Rs.875/-

  • While the dhal fry is extremely popular, the dhal makhani stands on as a strong dish for the fact that it’s black lentils. The flavors might differ massively from your usual dhal but this is yet another rich dish and you can infect call it the vegetarian version of the butter chicken because of the rich intense flavors.

Garlic naan  | Rs.325/-


  • This naan doesn’t only look amazing but also slathered with garlic butter, freshly chopped garlic and green chilli! YUM!

Lachaa paratha | Rs.325/-


  • This layered goodness hails from the North of India and made from atta flour. The perfect bread to enjoy the Curries!

Mango lassi | Rs.575/-

  • A sweet concoction of mango and curd. The one at Mango Tree is most certainly a must try!

Kulfi | Rs. 625/-

  • You think your everyday ice cream is amazing, in that case you haven’t tried a rich, creamy delicious kulfi. There’s so many flavors to choose from but they’ve got the mango and the original. Holy smokes, this really put your usual vanilla ice cream to shame.

Gajjar halwa | Rs.595/-

  • if you thought carrots are just for salads, then you haven’t tried this carrot halwa dessert.

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