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Turkish and German food are worlds apart when it comes to their cuisine but at Twister Sri Lanka, it works out just right! Say hello to the “Lavash” because why would you call it a donor or shawarma when you’ve got a whole word that feels like the designer of all sandwiches along with a whole bunch of items on the menu that’ll basically blow your mind!











The man behind all is the Chef, and yes the chef really is the determining factor to bring the best dishes in-front of you – Chef Huseyin Turan is Turkish but raised in Germany and has curated a stellar menu incorporating the best of both worlds so we locals get to salivate and crave for some curry wurst fries – like me as I write this now.

Here’s what we tried!

Truffle chicken Lavash | Rs. 650/- + add on truffle

  • Incase you don’t know what truffle is basically a fungus. Sounds gross, but it’s actually incredibly delicious and also ridiculously expensive, only because it’s very hard to farm them. It’s also an acquired taste, but for some weird reason it’s what every rich person loves, and I’m not rich but I really appreciate the flavor, it’s so unique and got a smoky, powerful taste – that instantly elevates any dish.

Moving on, the chicken Lavash is basically another term coined to talk about doner and shawarmas, but just a tad bit more fancy and this is what Twister takes great pride in as well! I’m talking soft Arabic flatbread with all that thick, homemade Turkish sauces packed with marinated meat and served with a side of pickle. Ideally, you should be having the pickles inside the sandwich, because that’s when you get the complete package and feel free to ask them to do the very same!

Spicy mayo chicken Lavash  | Rs. 650/-

  • basically the same Lavash as above but instead packed with the crowd favorite the spicy mayo. A total classic, and wild on our Lankan tastebuds! Also the safer option, if you’re not up for an adventure with the truffle.

Hummus with chicken | Rs. 550/-

  • I’m sorry but hummus with chicken – I had no idea this was legal (kidding. But seriously) – these guys do a mean hummus, and I mean it – it looks like a sick mixtape waiting to blow up and make you go “DAAAAAAANG” – tastes even better *chef kisses* – and then there’s chunks of chicken, pure bliss!

Curry wurst | Rs. 700/-

  • Never thought I’d actually get to taste or even actually like German food. Twister is 100% halal, so these currywurst sausages are made of chicken and 95% meat, basically the good stuff. This is a plate full of fries, slices of sausages and the delicious sweet sauce with spicy madras curry. I smashed this dish, without a second thought. Ought to be my favorite!

Iskender Style | Rs. 950/-

  • Here’s a tough one for y’all. This one is a masterpiece, and to truly enjoy this glorious mess is if you mix it all together. Imagine this like your basic rice and curry and how you mix it all up together? Well you mix all the yogurt, chunks of bread, chunks of meat and the tangy tomato sauce – it’s got all the subtle flavors coming together and making it ultimate comfort food I never knew existed. So good!

These guys are also open at the One Galle Face, Food Studios – but ideally to enjoy a full experience, it’s best if you head to their main flagship restaurant to make the best of it!


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