Waffles Cafe


Waffles waffles waffles! That’s right, Sri Lanka has FINALLY gotten their own waffle joint down Ethul Kotte serving you possibly the best waffles in town!

From the social media hype they created to finally opening their store, we were more or less salivating until we got our hands on one!

Here’s what we checked out!

Savoury waffles are served in Belgian waffles which have deeper pockets and they come in two servings.
1 Waffle | Rs.750
2 Waffle | Rs.950
The Belgian waffle were on point. We loved how it was super soft and yet had crispy hollows and edges along with a fluffy texture that felt good.
Gini Kukula | Rs.750
The interesting and quirky name got our attention and we couldn’t wait to try this one out. This was a Sri Lankan style chicken curry served with seeni sambal. We found the curry to be a typical roasted curry powdered chicken that was insanely thick and loaded with meat, giving you an actual “ginna” at the back of your throat! The seeni sambal was authentic enough to  bring back your childhood days, when that used to be daily breakfast.

Shanghai Shrimp | Rs.950
Chinese chilli prawns is what this is, and if I’m to be frank it tastes like a prawn devil you’re most likely to get at a Malay house with fried rice. There were more than 10 pieces of fresh prawns along with spicy sautéed onions with lots of chilli, spring onion and capsicum.

Buono Balls  | Rs.750
These were Italian flavoured meat balls cooked in tomatoes and herbs. This brings out a meatball pasta vibe to the dish, and we enjoyed how juicy and full of flavour the meatballs were. Furthermore, it was quite a delight having to taste the rich pasta tomato based sauce along with the sprinkle of Parmesan making it super dolce.

Garlic Bread | Rs.300
These babies weren’t what we were expecting. The fact that it was garlic butter smothered in mini roast paan was quite odd and we had to question the staff on this. Their initial explanation was that they ran out of Baguette bread and then they said it’s a Sri Lankan fusion between the garlic and roast paan. We felt a level of uncertainty and didn’t enjoy this.


Watermelon | Rs.300
Having tried this watermelon juice, we were quite disappointed that they haven’t put in the actual pulp. It had a rough taste to it since it was just the extract and it came in seriously small quantities that barely lasted a couple of sips.

Iced Tea | Rs.250
The iced tea seemed pretty solid, it had the perfect twang with regards to acidity of the tea and lemon. Once again small portions.

Lime Juice | Rs.300
This was one strong lime juice, that you need to take a break from and which needs more sugar as well.


Chocolate Fudge | Rs.560
All sweet waffles are served in liege waffles as pictured below. The reason being that it’s a richer, sweeter, denser and chewier waffle that compliments stuff like chocolate. We ordered this with a scoop of chocolate ice cream for an additional 120/-
There were two waffles drenched in the so called chocolate fudge sauce and icing sugar – biting into it with the ice cream was a feeling that’s hard to put into words. It was definitely delicious and we couldn’t believe our tastebuds that we actually got to experience this in Sr iLanka!

All the dishes were served in a very Instagram worthy style. The fact that they used black ceramic plates brought a level of classiness and added a gourmet look to the complete dish. We loved how the savory had a side of coleslaw too which brightened the whole look.

The staff were extremely helpful and they ensured that we made the right decisions when ordering with their suggestions.

Interior & Ambience
There wasn’t much to say about the interior – we found the seating to be quite uncomfortable and it was packed. There wasn’t any privacy and it can get a little hectic. Reservations is a must if you’re more than just a table of 2. The ambience was warm and welcoming, with the delicious aroma of the hot waffles.

We’d like to say that we most certainly enjoyed the waffles experience and they hands down got some of the best in town along with their signature fillings. However we were disappointed with the restaurant opening times, since they close from 3:00pm – 5:00pm and that their drinks weren’t on par with what we were expecting.

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